Weight Loss The Natural Way (I): Why It Is Hard

losing weight is confusing

What makes losing weight so hard, especially if you are over 40s? What are the three main reasons that make us pack on weight year after year? Living in the United States for many years has made me aware of three major culprits. One is living a sedentary lifestyle; we spend more time sitting than moving.…

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Why I wrote My Book True Brain Fitness

Over the last two decades, I have treated a wide range of diseases along with their underlying conditions in order to assist my patients heal. As a healer, I have realized in order to help others in a responsible and productive manner, I need to enhance my brain health. When I was looking for advice…

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What Are Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Meridians, or channels, are energy pathways that carry Qi, Blood, Jing and body fluids around the body. In ancient Chinese history, the discovery of meridians was related to the external injury. The injury in the external body caused internal healing. This phenomenon was the beginning of the meridian system. Western scientists have found that meridians are…

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Tai Chi Mentality: The Five Mental Requirements for Practicing Tai Chi

tai chi mentality

What is Tai Chi mentality? It refers to the right mindset you need in order to practice Tai Chi well.  There are a few mental requirements for a student of Tai Chi: Full concentration: When you are ready to practice Ta Chi Chuan, a full concentration is required. Leave everything behind, detach from all things, and cherish…

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