Weight Loss The Natural Way (I): Why It Is Hard

losing weight is confusing

What makes losing weight so hard, especially if you are over 40s? What are the three main reasons that make us pack on weight year after year?

Living in the United States for many years has made me aware of three major culprits. One is living a sedentary lifestyle; we spend more time sitting than moving. The second issue is eating habits; we eat too many calories and have poor eating habits. The third issue is stress; we don’t know how to avoid or deal with stress.

The first meal I ate in this country was spaghetti and steak. It was a meal that was rich in carbohydrates, protein, and fat, and it was too much for my small frame (I weigh 118 pounds).

Among my initial impressions of this country was that people lived a sedentary lifestyle. We sit too much, whether we’re in front of our computers, watching TV, chatting with friends at a party, meetings, or traveling by air, bus, car, or boat.

We need cars for everything, which leaves us less time to walk and bike. I tried to find roads where I could ride my bike, but bike paths were unavailable in the suburban area where I used to live. While some places have bike trails, you still have to drive to reach them. A sedentary lifestyle and the wrong diet definitely making losing weight difficult.

Obesity is a global problem and is of particular concern in the United States. The good news is there is hope and a cure. In my book Weight Loss the Natural Way: An Effective and Natural Way to Lose and Maintain Your Optimum Weight

I aim to help people who have been struggling with their weight all their lives or who are suffering from chronic ailments because of their weight. I also want to help children to avoid weight issues later in their lives. The primary message I want to get across is that natural healing can help you with your weight issues. Losing weight and healing should work together to help you achieve your real goal. All you need to do is open your mind and engage in a mindful practice that incorporates weight loss and healing strategies.  Through this approach, you will lose weight and maintain your optimum weight. Here’s a golden rule to keep in mind: If you want something, you can achieve it through mindful practice, your actions, and persistence.

Stay tuned please as I will have a few blog post on the topic of how to lose weight naturally. I hope my natural healing approach is going to help people to take control of their weight and health. 

I wish you a successful healing and weight loss journey.