Cancer Healing (2): Promising Data on Cancer Treatment with Qigong

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In my previous blog article (Cancer Healing and Prevention), I discussed several key benefits of Qigong for cancer patients.  Qigong has in fact been used as a cancer treatment. In his 1990 presentation at the 1st International Congress of Qigong at the University of Berkeley titled Prevention and Recovery from Cancer Through the Practice of Guo Lin’s “New Qigong Theraphy” Chungsiu Wong stated:

“… it has been proven that Guo Lin New Qigong is of great benefit for most cancer patients, regardless the stages of their illnesses, be it cancer of the lung, breast, throat, stomach, uterus, digestive tract/intestines, esophagus, leukemia or the lymph gland.”

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Guo Lin’s New Qigong is in agreement with both Western and Chinese medical theories pertaining to the treatment of cancer, namely, increasing the ability of the body to resist cancer, restricting its growth, increasing the longevity of the patient and finally eradicating the cancer cells completely.

Through laboratory experiments in China, it has has been known that oxygen is the enemy of cancer cells; they cannot exist among oxygen.  Guo Lin Qigong therapy increases the oxygen content in the blood many fold.

Result of Cancer Treatment in the USA with Guo Lin New Qigong

[Source: Qigong Database:]

Cancer Type   Number of Patients  Favorable Results (%)   No Result (%)

Lung Cancer                   23                    73.2%                              26.8%

Breast Cancer                12                     82.2%                              17.6%

Nose Cancer                   14                    61.8%                               34.2%

Intestinal                       23                     65.8%                              34.2%

Uterine                            26                    70.5%                              29.5%

Leukemia                        43                    60.8%                             39.2%

Cancer patients who received Guo Lin New Qigong therapy have experience optimism, gradual to complete elimination of side effects from chemotherapy and radiation treatments, and shrinkage to complete reduction of tumors. Even other ailments or chronic diseases in the body have been eliminated.

How Tai Chi and Qigong Assist Cancer Treatment

One very important aspect of Tai Chi and Qi Gong practice is to assist cancer treatment. It helps to prevent the onset of cancer and prevent cancer relapse. I have seen people healed from Qigong and Tai Chi practice. I know very few people believe this statement. But it is true. A majority of people might say, “Yeah, right Doc, this is a joke; cancer needs chemotherapy, radiation therapy, hormone therapy, steroids therapy, surgery, and more drugs.” Sound familiar? But think for a moment: Common sense tells you that your balanced mind is a guide to your balanced body, and your balanced body helps you to heal. Anything can change: your health, your illness, your life too.

Tai chi and Qigong strengthen the immune system, and a strong immune system helps to fight cancer. People who have a strong immune system die from old age, even if they have cancer cells in their bodies. Only if you have a weak immune system, can the cancer cells grow faster and be more invasive. A weakened immune system caused by some conventional treatments can cause severe infection, which is a main cause of death for cancer patients. Tai Chi and Qigong can put patients into a positive state of mind and promote positive thoughts, giving crucial hope for healing. It is like mental training and teaching. Scientists know the mind has immense power with regard to human disease and healing. I have seen this first-hand. You may be surprised to know that even I did not believe these things before. Research has now shown that mental training has the power to change the physical structure of the brain.

“…… Mental practice resulted in a similar reorganization” of the brain, Pascual-Leone later wrote. If his results hold for other forms of movement (and there is no reason to think they don’t), then mentally practicing a golf swing or a forward pass or a swimming turn could lead to mastery with less physical practice. Even more profound, the discovery showed that mental training had the power to change the physical structure of the brain. (The Brain: How The Brain Rewires Itself  TIME: Fri January 19, 2007.,9171,1580438,00.html#ixzz0ytKCxtiJ)

In China, people who have cancer always seek treatment from both medicines: conventional and holistic. Most of them do Qigong regularly in addition to using herbal medicine. I have several cancer patients who visit me regularly, and they are doing very well. I highly recommend that if you have cancer, start to use Qigong or Tai Chi as a life time companion. You will not regret it.

Please keep in mind, Tai Chi and Qi Gong are not magic, even though they can provide amazing benefits. All the benefits come from diligent practice, faith, a positive attitude and patience.