Kind Words from My Patients and Students

When I first started to learn tai chi I found that my body was improving physically; I was becoming more flexible and more balanced. After continued practice and learning the various skills and techniques, I found that the same improvements in flexibility and balance were happening to me mentally. I found that I was able to cope with the day-to-day stresses and problems, that everyone encounters every day, without the aggravation and stress that I used to experience before learning tai chi. In the end I learned that tai chi is a great way to exercise your body AND your mind.

I have been practicing tai chi for four years now, and plan on continuing my practice for the next 100 years. At first, learning tai chi was confusing for me, I kept worrying about which foot should be in front or where my hands should be and any number of details. The tai chi movements felt a little awkward, because I still hadn't learned how to move in a natural, relaxed way. Relaxation was something that I was not used to doing in my fast-paced, high-stress career; however, with some time and patience I found that my body was improving physically; I was becoming more flexible and more balanced. Once I learned to relax in my tai chi practice, the movements started to make sense, and I was able to very quickly learn the basics about many different tai chi forms. One thing that surprised me was that I found that I was able to cope with the day-to-day stresses and problems, that everyone encounters every day, without the aggravation and stress that I used to experience before learning tai chi. After continued practice and learning the various skills and techniques, and most of all learning to relax, I found that the same improvements in flexibility and balance were happening to me mentally, affecting my personal and business relationships for the better. In the end I learned that tai chi is a great way to exercise your body AND your mind.

-- Jim A.

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

I’ve been taking Tai Chi at your school for a few years now. I love it and look forward to continuing.

Recently, I shared with you that I have Scoliosis (curvature of the spine). This condition has always limited me and made exercise extremely difficult. You advised me to add Qi Gong to my practice because Qi Gong is very beneficial for many conditions, including Scoliosis.

Well, last night was my first Qi Gong class. I’m writing to tell you that I felt better afterward than I ever have in my life! I can’t believe how easy Qi Gong is to do, even with my severe orthopedic problems! After doing Qi Gong for the first time, my body felt opened up, full of energy and pain-free! I still feel that way this morning. I didn’t expect to get such immediate, dramatic results from Qi Gong, but I’m extremely grateful.

Thank you so much for your advice. I’m really glad I decided to take it!

-- Mary Ellen

Dear Dr Kuhn,

It is difficult to explain how your treatment has changed my life.—I think the best way to say it is to say that you gave me my life back… I was nervous to try acupuncture.  I didn’t understand it, and I wasn’t sure it was the right treatment for my pain. You were so caring and reassuring.  You let me know right away that there was nothing serious wrong with me, and how long treatments would take.  I decided to go ahead with whatever you said.  It was the right choice.  You started me on Qi Gong exercise, which was a key to my healing, and is still a necessary part of my day. And you told me to come twice a week for acupuncture…In just a few months my pains had completely disappeared. I was able to climb stairs normally, work normally, chase after my son, and even consider having another child.  I felt terrific.  You even helped me to get pregnant the second time, when after “trying” for a year, I was still not pregnant, you suggested acupuncture for fertility treatment.  You said the treatment usually took three months to work.  In three months I was pregnant.

I am so grateful to have such a kind, understanding, and knowledge-eable doctor.  I thank God for you and for the work you do.  There are other people who practice Chinese medicine, but you are a true healer, and I am so glad I have you for mine.

-- J.M.

My name is Joan Vater. I have been a patient of Dr. Aihan Kuhn for seven months. I have a chronic back condition, which has resulted in daily pain since surgery 25 years ago. I have been to numerous Chiropractors, Orthopedic and Neauroligical surgeons with no relief or answers…After the first visit with Dr. Kuhn my body changed completely. I could walk and sit without pain, and I felt the depression and stress leave my body for the first time in years. She was able to do this with the auricular method. This is accomplished by placing an herb in the ear. This method is non-evasive and very effective.

Dr. Kuhn is a dedicated, caring, moral human being. She takes a personal interest in her patients, and it is a new experience for me. I have never met anyone quite like her. She has changed my life.

There are many acupuncturists in this country, and they are all to be respected, however, I feel Dr. Kuhn’s treatments are so effective because of her training in China and many years of practicing in China.

Dr. Kuhn is a person of high character and fine principles. She has sacrificed and dedicated her life in the healing of each patient she sees. She is indeed a superior physician.

-- Joan Vater

Dear Aihan,

I just wanted to write and tell you how great and happy that I’ve been feeling since I’ve been coming to you, even though it’s only been a few short weeks. I already feel like a new person inside and out. I know the Chi Gong exercises have also kept me pretty healthy too!! I have to say this is the first time in years that I haven’t gotten one cold, and I know it’s from doing the Chi Gong exercises. I am so happy and grateful just to know you, Aihan. Because I truly feel that you do care about people and want to help them. I also love your bubbly personality and (that you) always look to the positive side of things.  I know myself I’ve always tried to be positive, because the way I see it, things go better for you when you’re positive, your body feels lighter. When you’re negative things don’t go as well and your body feels much heavier….When you feel good about yourself, you can make the people around you feel good too. I know the Chi Gong exercises have made me so far a calmer person, not so nervous. Aihan I also want to tell you that I think you’re a wonderful kind, caring and sincere person, I enjoy the Chi Gong classes and plan on taking more.

I know if I keep doing Chi Gong exercises I can stay healthy and grow old gracefully and happy. Any way Aihan I thank you a thousand times and more for making my life better and keeping me healthy.

PS. I thank Mary Lou for recommending me to you. I love taking the Chi Gong Classes and tell Jean I think she is great too!

-- Fran Brown

My Story

In August of 1986 I was diagnosed with mononucleosis, or what we called “the kissing disease”, a highly contagious virus, which usually affects adolescents.   In August 1987, I was diagnosed with mono again.  In August of 1988 I was diagnosed with mono for the third time, and my doctor began a series of blood tests, which proved her diagnosis - Chronic Mono, or what was at that time called Chronic Epstein’s Barr Syndrome.  Today it is known as Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.

Over the next 15 years, my life was dramatically altered.  At the time of my diagnosis, I was Educational Director of a Montessori school.  I was also married and we had three very active kids, aged 10, 13, and 15, and I taught art to children in our home.  At first I tried to abbreviate my work, but eventually I had to stop working completely...

In the summer of 2004, my daughter, Jena, who is a nurse at Boston Children’s Hospital, went to a conference on Chinese Medicine, and the speaker was Dr. Aihan Kuhn…

When I went to see Dr. Kuhn for the first time, I was feeling worse than I ever had.  I couldn’t stand for 10 seconds without feeling faint; I ate nuts most of the time because they required no preparation.  I remember wanting blueberries but I did not have the strength to wash them, and watermelon, but I didn’t have the strength to cut it.  My husband went to concerts and to visit friends alone time after time, because I couldn’t handle the car ride.  I couldn’t sit up for a couple hours straight.  I couldn’t hold my head up.  I couldn’t sit on most chairs.  I couldn’t walk, stand, or sit without pain, and most of the time I had no voice; I was awake at night, and asleep during the day.  I felt my life was winding down.

That first visit to Dr. Kuhn was a very big deal to me.  Although I love my personal doctor who has done all she can to help me, I didn’t like seeing specialists because it seemed I always felt worse, after trying their ideas.  My personal doctor told me many times that they just don’t know very much about viruses and that was the bottom line.

Because I couldn’t drive to Dr. Kuhn’s office, Jena drove me and I remember barely being able to make it up the flight of stairs.  When I went in, Dr. Kuhn came around the desk to meet me.  I liked her immediately.

During the first visit, Dr. Kuhn asked me a lot of questions about my health history, and she took my pulse and looked at my tongue…She made her diagnosis and was ready to begin an acupuncture treatment.   Because I lived about 90 miles away, I told Dr. Kuhn I would not be able to come back.  She explained to me that with Chinese medicine, a gradual improvement occurs over a period of time and a series of treatments.  I told her I would try to come back “some other time”, and she gave me two bottles of herbs to take daily at home.  She also taped herbs to my ear.

That evening when I got home, I felt wide-awake and was very talkative. Coincidentally, it was our 32nd wedding anniversary, and when my husband asked me if I wanted to eat out or order in, he was very surprised at my wanting to go to a Mexican restaurant…

Dr. Kuhn had also asked me to do several things daily at home… drink 8 – 10 glasses of water per day, do a series of mild, stretching exercises called Chi Gong, walk ½ mile, and take the herbs.  I did them all.  I decided to try Dr. Kuhn’s treatment for a few days, because I felt something was different from just that one visit.

Before a week was up, I called Dr. Kuhn to set up a second appointment.   When I went in to see her again, she asked if I could stay at Jena’s for a few days and see her twice a week for two weeks By the time I went back to our home in Connecticut after the 2 weeks of walking, Chi Gong, herbs, water and acupuncture, I couldn’t talk about anything except how much better I felt…That was 12 weeks ago.  I now practice Chi Gong daily, take a 2 mile walk 3 or 4 times a week, take my herbs, drink my water and nap for about one hour each day.  I sleep at night and am awake during the day.  I run up the steps, visit friends and relatives with my husband, and have plans to attend a concert with him in a few weeks.  I feel in my heart that I will always need to be careful and keep my life balanced as Dr. Kuhn teaches, but I also feel in my heart that my life is not unwinding anymore.  It feels like I am waking up from a long sleep.

Dr. Kuhn’s philosophy is that putting a life back into balance can cure many illnesses.  She does her work, the acupuncture treatments and herbs, and if the patient does his/hers, the Chi Gong and walking, the patient will come into a healthier life.  She is smart, compassionate, honest, and very easy to talk to.  She knows secrets that the doctors in western medicine, well intentioned as they are, do not know.  I hope the day comes when both East and West join hands in the medical community for the betterment of us all, and if there is anyone who is working hard to bring this about it is Dr. Kuhn.  If you are ill and can’t seem to get better, I highly recommend you visit a woman who has studied both Eastern and Western medicine, and who is performing ‘little miracles’ in Holliston every day.

-- Brenda J.

Dear Dr Kuhn,

I have been meaning to write to you for some time.  I want to let you know with my sincerest thanks how grateful I am to you for the care you have given me.  It is difficult to explain how your treatment has changed my life.—I think the best way to say it is to say that you gave me my life back.

When I met you I was 30 years old and a mother of one, a two year old son.  I was having pains in my legs that caused me to have difficulty walking (especially on stairs, and especially carrying anything, which is difficult when you’re a mom).  I also had back pain, which I have had beginning in high school, which when it flared up left me in tears, lying on the floor.  I was having trouble working (I’m a nurse, and am very physically active at work). My pains were getting worse, and kept me up at night, worrying and in pain.  Where would I end up?

I had been to doctors and physical therapy . They meant well but they had no answers and solutions.  The best they had was some tight foam braces that cut into my legs and cut off my circulation.  I had no choice but to wear them.  They kept me walking. I couldn’t believe this was my fate at 30 years old.

I was nervous to try acupuncture.  I didn’t understand it, and I wasn’t sure it was the right treatment for my pain. You were so caring and reassuring.  You let me know right away that there was nothing serious wrong with me, and how long treatments would take.  I decided to go ahead with whatever you said.  It was the right choice.  You started me on Qi Gong exercise, which was a key to my healing, and is still a necessary part of my day. And you told me to come twice a week for acupuncture.  The treatment was fine, not painless, but not painful.  The exercise is not time consuming or difficult.

In just a few months my pains had completely disappeared. I was able to climb stairs normally, work normally, chase after my son, and even consider having another child.  I felt terrific.  You even helped me to get pregnant the second time, when after “trying” for a year, I was still not pregnant, you suggested acupuncture for fertility treatment.  You said the treatment usually took three months to work.  In three months I was pregnant.

I am so grateful to have such a kind, understanding, knowledgeable doctor.  I thank God for you and for the work you do.  There are other people who practice Chinese medicine, but you are a true healer, and I am so glad I have you for mine.

-- Jessica. M, from MA

Hi Dr. Kuhn,

I just want to tell you that I participated Qi Gong/Tai Chi class yesterday morning and made it through the whole class.  I was a little tired when I got home but I rested and today I got out of bed without being any worse.  Remember I told you, I could not get out of bed anything for many years.  I even went grocery shopping this afternoon, which I could not even do before.  I am so happy I can’t even tell you.  For the first time in a long time I really believe that I am going to get well. I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me. You’re one of the angels in my life.  I will see you Monday for my treatment.

-- Kathy, P  from MA

is a privilege to recommend Dr. Aihan Kuhn for teaching, certification.

Dr. Aihan Kuhn is a dedicated, hard working health care professional.  Her knowledge and experience in Chinese medicine is profound.  She is focused, intense and thorough.  I have had acupuncture, general health advice and Tui Na massage  from Dr. Kuhn.  All have been beneficial.

Dr. Kuhn’s intense concentration produces results.  She will converse with you whilst working but only briefly.  Afterwards, she is voluble and an excellent, teacher.  She is instructing other people Chinese medical massage.

Dr. Kuhn’s teaching and demonstration both public and in private session have made her very well known in this area.  She was, in fact, originally recommended to me by my American doctor, Jack Leitner, MD.

Dr. Kuhn is blessed with an optimistic and outgoing nature and has many friends and admires and I am one of them!

-- Rev. Charles N. M. Universal Life Church

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

     I just wanted to share with you that I woke up this morning feeling alert, and glad to be alive.  (I don't often wake up that way)  I feel wonderful, have energy I haven't had in  a long time, and best of all, have hope.   Thank you so much for your teaching, top quality care and effective treatment.  I love being alive again!

-- Annie Oney

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

THANK YOU..I have just come home from a treatment today and I just feel simply amazing. The massage and the acupuncture treatments made me feel like I had lost about 10 pounds and I hit the gym after and had the best workout I've had in about a year. No pain in my knees or shoulders when I lifted or used the elliptical. So, thank you, thank you, thank you-and so far, I have called a few more of my friends and will hopefully be bringing them with me to see just how WONDERFUL you are. See you February 18th with my best friend, Jeremy in tow.

Of all years I have been searching in Martial arts, Dr. Kuhn answered many of the questions I had but could not get answered.  She is wise and generous with her knowledge.  The class is warm and welcoming.   I learned with ease.  Thank you so much for giving and sharing!

-- Mark S.

Excellent class! It was exactly what I wanted.  Three days is intense, but needed to get the basics and basic forms. Remembering to stretching is helpful. Loved doing the 16 Steps Tai Chi.

-- Karen G

I loved working with the meridians and points, and sensing them while we move. It deepened my practice and will so much more in the future. Thanks for a wonderful workshop.

Thank you Dr. K!

-- A Student

A wonderfully comfortable and inclusive workshop. Introduction to free-form Tai Chi movements was very helpful to me in my teaching. Loved the new knowledge of self-care and meridian opening.

I so appreciate Dr. Kuhn for her energy, her knowledge, and her method of training.

Dr. Kuhn always makes learning fun! It is much easier to retain new information when it is presented in a safe, fun, and non-threatening environment.

I love Dr. Kuhn!

 -- A Student

At the time of my life that I learned Dr. Kuhn’s medical (therapeutic) Qi Gong routine, I was very focused on my self-care. My 5-year old son started full time kindergarten and I finally had time for more exercise and other personal endeavors. I lost about 25 pounds from my pregnancy and was doing a sitting meditation regularly to help with my inner calm.

Something very subtle happened over the weeks and months that I practiced the 25 minute Qi Gong routine on a weekly basis. I had more energy and mental focus. It restored a stronger sense of myself. I felt lighter emotionally. If I forgot to do it, I would feel off-kilter, even if I had a good week of physical exercise and meditation. I walked differently. I learned to swim. I am left-handed and a bit ambidextrous and uncoordinated, yet doing Qi Gong has helped me to be more integrated in my body and my mind. I have more rhythm and can even sign more in tune. Additionally, I rarely get colds or flu even though I work with children and get exposed to a lot of illnesses. I used to get sore throats and colds a lot, but not since doing Qi Gong. Finally, I had reached a plateau in my weight loss. When I started Qi Gong, it dropped off almost magically. People didn’t recognize me.

I will say that Qi Gong opened a doorway for me for greater health, well being, and spiritual growth. It cleaned out blockages to enable me to become more fully me. I have designed my own personal intentions or prayers while doing the Qi Gong routine which makes it very personally meaningful.

I am very grateful for Dr. Kuhn’s bringing this method to the United States and sharing it so generously with others. It is well worth the time to learn.

 -- Susan Cetlin, PhD Licensed Psychologist

Hello Dr. Kuhn,

Thank you so much! My dizziness has nearly gone nearly all the time and  the tingling/electrical surges all down my body are nearly gone all the time. After 6 years and all different types of doctors and therapies, it's like a miracle! I have started doing the Qi Gong exercises from your DVD and I have great hopes that the ringing in my ears will go away along with the other symptoms.

See you next week.

-- Janet McGiffin

My phone consultations with Dr. Kuhn were extremely helpful to me. She was very thorough considering the time frame we had to work with. She encouraged me to go for acupuncture and told me how to know if I am going to a good acupuncturist or not.  As it turns out my first experience with acupuncture did nothing after several weeks of treatment. During my second phone consultation with Dr. Kuhn, she advised that I stop going to that acupuncturist and suggested I shop around until I found one that would help me.  She said I would know when I found the right one, and she was right.  Now I go to a very competent and wise acupuncturist/herbalist who treats my whole body...the whole person.  Dr. Kuhn also encouraged me to stop my negative thinking and now whenever I catch myself sulking or becoming fearful, I think of what she has told me and snap myself out of it.  For me the phone consultations were great because I do not live anywhere near Dr. Kunh's office and this was a way to gain guidance for my particular health issues from a good and compassionate doctor of Chinese Medicine.  Now I continue being treated with Chinese Medicine in my own area and  Dr. Kuhn was the key to that path. I am very grateful.

 -- Linda S.

Dr. Kuhn's understanding of Eastern and Western medicine contribute to a complete view of human health and well being.  Her ability to explain how environmental conditions like diet, exercise, and stress affect the body's biology is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.  There are many stories taken from her direct experience which serve to further illustrate and clarify some of the Eastern concepts that are less understood in the West.  The in-depth focus on herbal medicine, acupuncture, and even less well known Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques was fascinating, and it is clear that Dr. Kuhn is an expert in this field.

 -- Lou T.

When I first came to see Dr. Aihan Kuhn I was very sick.  I had been sick for two years.  Recovering from a hysterectomy I had many complications, anxiety, depression, urinary tract infections, yeast and bacteria infections.  Eight months before that I had a breast biopsy.  Headaches and fatigue were horrible.  I felt terrible from constant panic attaches.  I didn’t know what else to do and my doctors were going no where with me, but giving me more antibiotics, which made me worse.

Dr. Aihan Kuhn explained to me Chinese medicine.  I was very skeptical and frightened.  I recall her words “don’t worry”,  “don’t worry”, she said.  That day she did Acupressure on my ear immediately I felt better.  She sent me home with tea to make and drink for a wee.  After that week I felt better.

Weeks later she did acupuncture on my bladder and I am doing quite well.  I have also had acupuncture on my back for arthritis and the pain and swelling are almost gone.  It has now been nine months and I think my progress has been very good.  I have also learned Tai Chi and Chi Gong.  These classes are a lot of hard work because you must practice a lot but it is a lot of fun and very rewarding.

I never dreamed I could learn Tai Chi, but everyone in the classes I took were so helpful and gave me so much encouragement.  My first class was so stressful because I was so scared.  My hands and knees were shaking so hard I remember saying to myself“ I am so nervous, how can I even learn this, this is impossible”.  But everyone in the class said to me “don’t stop trying, you’ll get it, it takes time and practice”.  Okay I said and I practiced every day, every week for weeks and finally one week I got it.  It just clicked in and I did it I did Tai Chi!  I was so proud of myself and so thankful for meeting such wonderful people who helped me and gave me all this encouragement.

Now I do Tai Chi and Chi Gong morning and night.  It keeps me in balance and very healthy.  I have more energy and less paid and disease.  Dr. Aihan Kuhn is a remarkable person.  I listen to everything she tells me and teaches me.  She takes the time to talk to you no matter how busy she is.  She cares about people, she is very honest and strict she expects nothing but the best you can do and she always has your best interest in mind.  I respect her so much as a person, teacher, philosopher and Doctor of medicine.  Alternative medicine, Dr. Aihan Kuhn and many people in her classes have helped me tremendously in my healing. I thank everyone from the bottom of my heart.

-- Mary Johnson

Dear Aihan,

Thank you for accepting me into your "Intensive Care"  program.  I'm alive and relatively pain-free, thanks to your care.

I arrived on your doorstep in agony the day after I was told by a neurosurgeon that I'd have to have brain surgery ("a decompression") to alleviate the pressure of the fluid in my scull.  I'd had brain surgery (shunt) twice before, and was not convinced this will solve my problem.  I was in a lot of pain; couldn't walk, or even sit for any length of time.

I'm a mother of 8 and a newspaper photographer and a librarian.  I need to walk and sit, and the less pain the better.  I have a disease called "syringomyelia" which affects the spinal chord, nerves, limbs, brain and related functions.

Your 'intensive care" program included herbal pills, Qi Gong, and healing massage.  We frequently discussed my progress (or lack thereof) and re-adjusted out "plan of attack".  After 9 months, the head pain is no longer an issue.  I have more energy, less depression, and feel kind of "normal" (I just get ordinary aches and pains) - its so cool.

Thank you so much for all the time and attention, and for giving me an alternative to surgery ("been there - done that - no thanks!").

Hopefully I'll see you soon for another "tune-up".

-- Thanks, Amy J. McLean

Dear Aihan,

I just wanted to write and tell you how great and happy that I’ve been feeling since I’ve been coming to you, even though it’s only been a few short weeks.  I already feel like a new person inside and out.  I know the Chi Gong exercises have also kept me pretty healthy too!!  I have to say this is the first time in years that I haven’t gotten one cold, and I know its from doing the Chi Gong exercises.  I am so happy & grateful just to know you Aihan, because I truly feel that you do care about people and want to help them.  I also love your bubbly personality and always look to the positive side of things.  I know myself I’ve always tried to be positive, because the way I see, it, things go better from you when your positive, your body feels lighter.  When your negative things don’t go as well and your body feels much heavier.  It takes fewer muscles to smile than to frown.  When you feel good about yourself, you can make the people around you feel good too.  A little smile goes a long way.  I know the Chi Gong exercises have made

me so far a calmer person not so nervous.  Aihan I also want to tell you that I think you’re a wonderful, kind, caring and sincere person.  I enjoy the Chi Gong classes and plan on taking more.  I enjoy the meetings I think I can learn a lot from them and its nice just to be around such nice people.  I know if I keep doing the Chi Gong exercises I can stay healthy & grow old gracefully & happy.  Any way Aihan I thank you a thousand times & more from making my life better and keeping me healthy.

-- Sincerely, Charlene Brown

I am 84 years old and Chi Gong is part of my life.  I tell everyone about it and most people don’t know what it is.  For many years I have watched the people of China do their exercises out in the parks and many of them are old people.  I think of myself and how good I feel.  Some mornings I don’t feel too well and I feel like skipping them but I talk myself out of feeling sorry for myself and I put in the tape.  The music calms me and I get to work.  I have not mastered the deep breathing yet.  I know that when you breathe deeply your brain gets more oxygen and that helps you think more clearly.

I think that if you do your exercises in the open air like on the town common people will take notice and become interested.  People are curious and when they hear the music they will stop and see what is going on.

We in America are all out of shape.  Most workers just sit at a desk all day.  I myself, when I worked as a welder for General Electric just sat at my machine all day.  The only exercise I got was working my hands.

I think industry should lay aside some time for a little workout to change the positions and breath new life into our robotic souls.

Chi Gong could be taught in schools in the Gym class.  When I think of it I looked forward to Gym and I always got an “A”.  One of the very few that I got.

Now I am busy nearly every day and I tell my friends that I keep moving so the Grim Reaper won’t know where I am.

These are my thoughts that are written here, they may not be of any value but just a few words to let you know how I feel and to thank you for giving me the privilege to strengthen my body.

 -- John Holand

Since my introduction to Therapeutic Qi Gong in 1998 I have become convinced that it is an outstanding form of exercise for improving and maintaining general health and well being.  The benefits of its practice experienced personally included immune system function, greater flexibility and range of motion, breathing capacity, and balance.  With regular and diligent practice I have found this form can help to increase the quality of sleep and elevate the spirit.  I have also used it both before and after hard physical exertion to help prevent damage to muscle and joints.  As an instructor I see on a regular basis the progress in these area made by students who learn and do this form.

-- Mathew Lang


This is a mother’s story about her fight to find out what was controlling her daughter and how she found the miracle, she was searching for.  

My name is Shannon Collins and I am the mother of two beautiful girls.  Below you will read a brief history of my story and the years I spent attempting to get help for my daughter.  She was destroying herself as well as the entire family.  My goal is to help one parent find peace and understanding in my story.  If you have never had a child with an emotional illness then you cannot understand the depth of despair, hopelessness, and destruction it has.

 As a parent, you are expecting your children too be full of life, happy, caring, and full of love for you.  Casey was born March 1, 2003 as a mother I was very excited for my first child to be born.  I had a prior miscarriage so I felt blessed to have gone full term with my daughter.

The birth was hard as most are the first baby.  She was 6 lb 12 ounces 19 inches perfect.  I soon found out that she was going to give me a run for our money.  From the very start, Casey had a difficult time sleeping.  This went on for years.  As an infant, I rocked her, swaddled, used the swing, and even purchased a device to attach to her bed that would mimic a car.  I was desperate for sleep.  I purchased all the current books looking for the light at end of the rainbow.  At 6 months, Casey finally slept for 5 hours.  During the next few years, getting her to sleep was extremely difficult.  She needed constant attention.  I can remember lying on the floor of her crib holding her hand through the slats.  When I let go I crawled out of the room praying she would not wake up.  This was a nightly routine for over a year.

I always knew something was different about Casey.  Getting her dressed was an enormous battle that took about an hour of tears and projectile limbs.  The first memory I have of this is when she was two and it continues to this day.  She was very hard to please, and always had to be the center of attention.  She had to be with me at all times and was never satisfied with what she was doing. She hopped from one thing to the next.  She would never play alone and never sat still.

Ryan, my second daughter, was born on July 20, 2005.   Casey was two and a half.  This was the first time I realized Casey had Anxiety.  She regressed to an infant.  Her sleeping was horrible; she weighed 45 lbs and needed to be rocked to sleep. She sweated through her clothes at night.  She was having classic anxiety. Hives were a constant part of Casey’s life.  I first thought she was allergic to nuts. I finally realized her hives were directly related to stress and anxiety.

At four, I thought her temper tantrums would get better.  All of the research showed they would subside.  This did not occur; Casey became more violent and angrier.  I did not know how to discipline her, time outs only escalated the situation.  Her tantrums would last for hours and I had no control over them or Casey. All of the research said to find her trigger points and be one-step ahead of her.  Her trigger points were constantly changing.  Most of the time it was a minor detail that set her off.  For instance, no waffles in the house, she colored outside the lines, she spilled her milk.  She hit, bit, and spit, both her and me.   She had the intense need to break things and yell.  They could last for hours and encompass the entire house.  I was told to find a safe room.  I do not have a rubber room.  There was not a safe place to put her so I prayed she did not hurt herself badly.  It was a complete disruption to my family.  The tantrums were a constant occurrence and I walked on eggshells.  I always went the same way home, did not change anything if I did she would have an episode.  I decided to begin the long road of doctors.

The first person I brought her to was a behaviorist.  He diagnosed her with Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, and extreme hostile behavior.  In one of his notes, he wrote, “…do not confront Casey in any way during her outbursts, she is not aware of her surrounding and she could injure the parents or herself. “  The medication trial and error also began at this time.  The doctor prescribed Clonidine at age 5 and Melatonin to help her transition into sleep.  The Melatonin was a gift, she was able to fall asleep easily and I was not fighting her for hours a night.  The Clonidine was not successful it made her exceedingly tired, two week until Kindergarten was not the time for her to be napping for hours.  The next drug was Tenex.  I decided not to put her on this medication.  It is in the same family as Clonidine and did not want to risk her start of school.

The next stop was Occupational Therapy for Sensory Processing Disorder.  Casey has the tactile form.  Clothing, smells, tastes, textures, all bother her.  The best way I can describe it is clothing to Casey are like nails on a chalkboard.  Once I realized she could not help her reaction to clothing and was in pain I stopped trying to force her to wear anything.  From this point on, she chose her outfits.  Her outfit 12 months a year consists of a tank top shorts and flip-flops.

Casey was still not doing any better.  I tried the techniques I learned in books. Her behaviorist could not even tell me the best way to discipline her.  I chose to have her evaluated by a Neuro-physchiatrist.  It was too early for her to be evaluated but I hoped he could lead me in the right direction. .  This proved to be another disappointment.   Casey continued to get more violent and angrier.  As a mother, I was devastated and completely stressed.

She began to see a psychiatrist during her Kindergarten year and the many medications started again.  Casey was given Zoloft, Ambilify, Geodon, she was taking Clonidine to sleep (she built up a resistance to Melatonin), and Aderall.  She gained a tremendous amount of weight, became very angry on the Aderall, and in time had an adverse reaction to the Zoloft.

The summer prior to second grade Casey was getting progressively worse.  She became destructive, extremely defiant, and volatile.  She was hurting herself as well as me.  She spray-painted the back of the house and inside the garage; she scratched the computer screen, broke many things, and was extremely rough with her sister.  She had no remorse for her actions and continued to treat me horribly.  This is very common for the Mom to get most of the anger and outbursts, since there is unconditional love.  At this time, I could not handle things so I took a leave of absence from work to attempt to get Casey help again.  She went to see a trauma therapist for months as well as her psychiatrist.  The therapist was never able to get Casey to speak, so the time we spent was not worthwhile.  At this time, she had her second neuro psychological exam.  Casey finally received the diagnosis of Bi-polar, Anxiety, Depression, ADHD, SPD, and extremely low self-esteem.

The next visit to the psychiatrist was very difficult.  I had done research on the medication for Bi Polar and as a caring parent; I could not put Casey on any of the medications.  The long-term side affects were severe.  Fortunately Casey had the same Doctor for years and she was not comfortable putting Casey on any bi polar meds either.  We tried one, with the least side effect, Lamactil.  The only side effect she could get that would be severe was a rash.  This rash could turn into a disease.  I should have known Casey would get it.  She is prone to rashes and has suffered with hives all of her life.  She was completely out of control and getting stronger by the day.

This is where Casey’s story takes a dramatic turn for the good.  I was speaking with my mother and told her I wanted to try alternative medicine.  I figured there is nothing to lose and if it does not work, at least I know I tried everything prior to putting her on the dreaded meds.  She told me about Dr. Kuhn my mother had taken a course from her years earlier. The drive from Sagamore Beach to Holliston is long, however I wanted the best.

I called the Doctor and spoke with her personally.  I told her briefly about Casey and her response was “I can help her.  Once we help her we need to help you.”  I must have sounded desperate.  I was at my breaking point and felt this was my last shot.  When the day for the appointment came, I still was holding all my eggs in one basket.  We met with the Doctor and she asked about Casey’s history once again I went through all of her diagnosis, her medications, past and current.  If you ask Dr Kuhn, she will tell you I was very nervous.  She was so positive and great with Casey.  Casey opened up immediately to her. Casey rarely speaks to Doctors; since she has been to so many, she is very reluctant.

On the hour and a half ride to Holliston Casey started to ask me questions.  I am always very vague, because I know the doctors is one of her trigger points. She said to me, which she had so many time before, "I know this is not going to work either Mommy.  Nothing ever works.  I will be bad forever.”

Well, it worked!!!  Oh my goodness it worked!!!!  After the first session, Casey showed improvement.  The doctor examined Casey and found she was completely blocked.  Poor metabolism, poor energy flowing through her body.  Every time the Dr. touched Casey, it hurt.  The doctor performed acupressure and other hands on healing technique on Casey and she fell asleep.  I could not believe it she never sleeps.  She began with one piece of homework an exercise.  Each time Casey went she got hands on healing work and given another exercise to improve her balance, focus, anger, and overall feeling.

Casey went to see the doctor once a week for a few months.  I can honestly say after two visits Casey had done a complete turn around.   To me this was a miracle I never thought my daughter would be able to control herself, show reasoning skills, and articulate it.  She tells me what is bothering her prior to an outburst.  Casey has not had a temper tantrum in months.

Dr Kuhn has completely altered my life as well as Casey’s.  I never thought Casey would be the girl inside.  I saw glimpses through her life but once I got my hopes up, she would take a different turn for the worse.  I come home from work and I do not have to be scared of what I am going to find.  Casey does not yell at me.  My life is not threatened, I am not spit at, kicked, bitten.  Casey has not hurt herself; she has not thrown things, or vandalized the house and our possessions.  She actually comes and tells me if she breaks something and it is by accident.  One of the most amazing things that has occurred is Casey knows, feels, and shows remorse for her actions.  She never knew remorse and never cared what she did or say.

Casey has been seeing Dr Kuhn for 5 months.  She now goes every two or four weeks.  After two weeks, she was off all medication.  She takes melatonin to sleep however; Dr Kuhn feels she may not need it in the future.

If you know anyone, who has a child that is suffering or maybe some of what I have written is very familiar to you.  The behaviorist told me the one thing I needed to hear, it is not your fault she was born this way. (He could see the fear in my eyes and the need for help.)  This is not your fault, you are not a bad parent, and you did not cause your child to be like this.  In addition, your child has no control over her actions and she does not want to act like this.  Casey would tell me over and over I don’t want to be me I hate myself, why am I so mean, I want to be like other children, and on and on.

As a driven mother, I always told Casey I would never stop until I found help for her.  Well it took almost four years and a lot doctors and research but I kept my promise.  Thanks to my mother for leading to Dr Kuhn and Dr Kuhn for being so gifted.  Please really read what I have written, your child deserves every opportunity there is.  Chinese medicine is not toxic or harmful and it cured my daughter.

-- Shannon Collins, Devoted and Persistent Mother

Dear Dr. Kuhn,

 I want to offer my most sincere thanks for the care you have given me over the past year.  When I came to you, my husband and I were trying to conceive a child.  After several tests, we were diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" and opted to try infertility treatments.  We were in the midst of treatments when I came to you for help, none of which had been successful.  You assured me that we would have a child and through your help with the acupuncture treatments and Qi Gong, we were successful.  I just gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and I know that it would not have been possible without your help.

 The painless treatments allowed me to relax and to cleanse my system of the blockages.  I was completely at ease with you and the treatments, despite not knowing that much about acupuncture when I came to you.  I know that the treatments made the difference for us and allowed us to conceive a child.  Your guidance, kindness, and compassion helped me through a tough time and we are so grateful for everything you did to help us.

 You are a wonderful doctor and a true healer.  Thank you for everything!

 With the warmest regards, T.M.

I studied Tai Chi 16 Step with Dr. Aihan Kuhn from September, 2005 through May, 2006.  The results of this practice have amazed me!  I offer the following two examples of what Tai Chi practice has accomplished in my life:

1.  After the very first  Tai Chi class I felt a re-connection between the two sides of my head.  There had been a very, very slight feeling of disconnection for the 26 years prior - this manifestation had occurred as a reaction to an ear infection and was made worse by an extremely stressful life event.  No doctor except a chiropractor had ever been able to improve this situation, and the correction was only temporary even with chiropractic.  After only one Tai Chi class, the problem disappeared.

2.  A few weeks after beginning 16 Step Tai Chi practice I found myself saying one day, "My joy has returned."  Though I had spent the previous nine years giving attention and care to three elderly relatives then experiencing their deaths; living underconditions that were less than comfortable; and working at a demanding job, my natural joy returned.  Nothing in my life except Tai Chi practice was different.  My life situation was the same as it had been for many years - only Tai Chi practice had been added, and that made all the difference.

I realized that for as long as I could remember - and that is many years, as I am now a grandmother - I had to work at bringing up and keeping a joyful attitude; now, it is no effort at all - it happens on its own.

-- Elaine

Shortly after I turned fifteen, I started having stomach problems.  As my symptoms kept getting worse I began seeing a gastroenterologist. She wasn’t sure what was wrong with me but tried a variety of medications and liquid diets to treat a suspected bacterial infection, irritable bowel disease, and then colitis. Many of the medications aggravated things and had unwanted side effects. After two colonoscopies, an endoscopy, and a couple of other unpleasant tests, I was diagnosed with Crohn’s disease because there was some inflammation in my stomach, intestines, and colon.

My symptoms caused me to miss a lot of high school. When I had really bad flare ups, I would be out for weeks at a time. It was also hard to keep a job. Prednisone became my answer to flare ups, but would only keep things under control for short periods, and the side effects became more unbearable with every course. I was stuck in a cycle of feeling increasingly horrible until steroids made things tolerable for a while.

Through the years of my sickness I became very depressed. It was disappointing that the options given to me were just to deal with living with the illness, or try more radical drugs or surgery. By the end of my first year of college I was completely drained and dropped out.

My mother started searching for other alternatives for me. Finally she found a Chinese Medicine office right in our own town. I began seeing Dr. Aihan Kuhn for treatment including acupressure, acupuncture, exercises, and herbs. There was one particular herbal concoction that stunk up the whole house when it was brewed, and it was very hard to drink down. Still, I stuck to Dr. Kuhn’s plan and after a few months I started to feel better. Under her care I continued to progress, Eventually I felt normal.

My family and I are forever grateful to Aihan. She gave me my life back. I can eat whatever I want to. Since my recovery, I don’t know how many people I have told about Chinese Medicine. It is an alternative that is definitely worth considering for your health. I’m proof that it works.

-- Jenna

Dear Dr. Aihan, Thank you very much for your Qigong teachers' training program. I learnt so much within such a short period of time.  It's really amazing! The deepest knowledge was transferred without words, though. I feel confident now in practice and teaching Qigong, and remembering you and your encouraging words.  Yesterday while I was working in office, I felt a lot of energy, and it lasted all day, and felt so great. Thank you for everything. Wishing you Health and Happiness and Prosperity to your business,

-- Mandy J, from MN

Dear Dr. Kuhn

I was deeply fascinated with 16 Steps Qi Gong during our last day of training. I wonder if it is included into Tai Chi Teachers' training program, meaning going through it step by step? Thank you very much again for giving me a feeling of confidence as a Qi Gong teacher.

Yours in the Spirit of Qi Gong, Jennifer M.


I have found the entire three year experience a most outstanding way to perpetuate Tai Chi.  You not only learn how to instruct this most ancient martial art, you also have the opportunity to hone your own talent while gaining experience in several styles and forms.  The training not only included the teaching of forms, but provided significant insight into the benefits of tai chi and qigong as well as that of Taoism, and learning to incorporate balance in one’s life in keeping with yin yang.  An instructor must have a good foundation in the principles and theories of tai chi including its physical and spiritual benefits.  Every session touched on these aspects.   The most fundamental form, the traditional 24 step Tai Chi was emphasized throughout the three year training, along with Dr. Kuhn’s Medicinal 16 step form.  With this we spent time learning pushy hands instructional techniques, tai chi sword form fundamentals, and other styles and forms such as Xing Yi Chuan and Ba Gua.  I have benefitted personally and have grown during this course, and I am also benefitting others through teaching.  Tai Chi is a wonderful (and to me necessary) part of external martial arts in which I am also involved – it truly rounds out my martial arts training, studies, and involvement.  Dr. Kuhn is a traditional Chinese physician and healer, and leverages the benefits of tai chi and qigong accordingly.  Having extensive experience and training as a physician, she understands how tai chi really works and applies it – and integrates that knowledge into her instructor training.  I feel quite fortunate to have such an experienced teacher/Tai Chi Master from whom to learn.  Even though I am not immediately local I will continue to hone my skills and engage in “tune-ups” through Dr. Kuhn.  I highly recommend her course to anyone wanting a deep understanding of Tai Chi along with the desire to share the knowledge and in the healing of others.

-- Shawn A. Armacost, Program Manager

My 14 year old son has been taking Tai Chi classes with you for the past 6 months.  I want you to know how much he has benefited from your classes.   You have truly been an inspiration through your guidance and encouragement.  He has gained a strong feeling of accomplishment and improved self-esteem from learning the art of Tai Chi.  In addition, it gives him a sense of inner peace and calm that he did not have before.

-- Valerie

I am a 72 year old woman who has been participating in weekly Tai Chi classes.  Specific benefits that I have experienced are increased vitality and flexibility resulting in fewer aches and pains that are a part of the aging process.  It is wonderful to seldom have back pain or a headache.  Very important stress reduction for me has occurred naturally, creating physical and mental harmony.  I would recommend Tai Chi for anyone of any age especially the elderly.

-- Naomi

“I am so pleased with the results of my daily Tai Chi practice.  I have made so many quality improvements in my health and consequently, my life!  I know that if I continue to practice my Tai Chi daily I will stay healthy.”

-- Gloria

I started my TaiChi/QiGong exploration in January, 2003, at 51 years of aging.

The random fitness efforts I was engaged in were not producing a stable state of well being. My energy level was up and down in big swings, even during the course of a single day. I was recovering from a frozen shoulder with physical therapy, but felt like age was catching up with me. I was also presenting symptoms of liver disease, due to fatty liver. I enjoyed benefits from a meditation practice, but also recognized that life is an exploration of mind, body and spirit. My mind body connection was sending out an SOS for help. After reading some information on Tai Chi Healing, I decided I would get evolved in Tai Chi practice. Patience, persistence, controlled relaxation, along with breathing in and with the flow of Chi provided me with a wide range of healing. My energy level is now most often on an even keel, the symptoms of fatty liver, have been relieved, and my range of motion has improved dramatically. There are multiple Tai Chi forms and Qi Gong exercises that provide great benefits. The 16 step form is where I find my greatest balance. Its design promotes harmony of thought, and a deeply rooted sense of well being. The 16 step form incorporates all the elements, and benefits, of basic Tai Chi practice. With patience one begins to gradually add synchronization of breathing with the movements of the form. The combination invokes a level of relaxation that I have only achieved previously during meditation. This in combination with improving, balance, lower body strength, and range of motion has helped me feel younger, and more optimistic in maintaining an active and healthy life style now, and into the years ahead. Thank you, many times over, to Aihan Kuhn, the New England School of Tai Chi, Chinese Medicine for Health, Inc, and all the gifted and talented instructors, and healing practitioners.

Best Regards,

Larry J.