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Want to Earn Extra Income, Help People and Enjoy Good Health? Dr. Kuhn Will Teach You Everything You Need to Know about Teaching Tai Chi!

Dr. Aihan Kuhn's Tai Chi Instructor Certification Course (Part I)

One-Time Payment: $445. Lifetime Access.

How it Works

This program is designed for individuals who live far away, or individuals who have a schedule conflict and are unable to take both parts of the Tai Chi Instructor  Training Course with me in person.

The course offers full instruction on how to learn Tai Chi and how to teach Tai Chi the efficient way. Students will follow the instruction manual and training videos step by step. In 4 weeks, students can complete this course and be able to teach a basic Tai Chi class.

Your Home Study Course Kit Includes:

Comprehensive Instruction booklet (manual).

There are FIVE online streaming videos for home practice:
– Video I: Warm Up Exercises
– Video II: Tai Chi Basics, Tai Chi Qi Gong
– Video III: Tai Chi 13 Movements
– Video IV: Tai Chi Stance and Steps
– Video V: Tai Chi Form, 24 Steps Yang Style

Bonus: In your home study course kit, you will also get for FREE my two books: Tai Chi for Depression and True Brain Fitness.

When you have completed the home study portion, you will be required to share with others or teach others what you have learned.

You need to complete this course no less than 30 days prior to registering for Course II. Once you have gained some teaching experience, you will need to take the Tai Chi Instructor Course Part II  in person at my Sarasota, Florida training facility in order to be certified. If you cannot make the date for course II, you may schedule private training for course II.

It is recommended you write a teaching journal to prepare for course II.

Once you complete both parts of the training, the Tai Chi instructor certificate will be issued and mailed to your home.  You may then state you are a Tai Chi instructor certified by Dr. Aihan Kuhn, Master, and deliver high quality teaching Tai Chi anywhere in the world.



Using her teachings, I have been able to return to my community and apply the skills I have learned.

Her certifications have assisted me with the opportunity to meet with health care providers in the community and begin classes in various health organizations.  Currently, I am teaching 9 classes a week and am reaching out to those with and without special needs.

It is my pleasure to be able to see those I teach improve their health and have them realize they are an important part in their own health care.  I have taught individuals from 12 to 101 years old.  A close friend of mine, who is also one of my students and a physician, has given numerous copies of Dr. Kuhn’s book-“Natural Healing with Qi Gong” to various family members and patients.

Fred Goff , From MI

Of all years I have been searching in Martial arts, Dr. Kuhn answered many of the questions I had but could not get answered. She is wise and generous with her knowledge. The class is warm and welcoming. I learned with ease. Thank you so much for giving and sharing!

Mark S., from NH

This course is super excellent, better than what I expected.  Dr. Kuhn has outstanding knowledge, very good teaching methods with many options to follow. I wish I could stay longer.  I am so happy that I pick you for my teacher. Everything has been wonderful. I really want to thank you for this experience.

Alan B., from MN

Dr. Kuhn has outstanding knowledge and still patient, kind, and understanding. Enjoyed every minute and feel ready to learn more.

Daniel, From S. FL

Thank you for changing my life & helping me start a new Tai Chi journey.  The wonderful positive energy imparted throughout course.

Lisa K., From FL

Very good method of teaching.  Had a lot of fun during class.  Definitely felt better and experienced benefits of Tai Chi.  Thank you very much.  Sifu.

Barry, G., From NY

Dr. Kuhn, Your studio has been our 2nd home this year- a Tai Chi Qi Gong vacation. I loved your guidance and really enjoyed this Tai Chi training class.  Thank you, Thank you, and Thank you.

Tom B., From MN

It was an Awesome class! I learned a lot!  I hope you do some intensive class for us in the near future, to learn more details and martial applications.

Pam A., From NJ

I have taken several Tai Chi training.  But your ability to explain every details is excellent, therefore I learn more in detail. I loved it!

John D., From MA

Excellent job! Tai Chi should be mandatory in school. I feel so much better besides learning.

Cynthia S., From NY

Thank you Dr. Kuhn for your outstanding wisdom, your concerns for my health, and your effort in teaching the forms with integrity according to the tradition.  Thank you for teaching Tai Chi to a deeper degree by incorporating the gathering of inner Qi.  You are an amazing person.  Thank you again.  I am looking forward to seeing you again very soon.

Dorothy A., From FL

I drove 8 hours to come to this training. I realized it well worth the trip. Your training is well organized, pleasant, and real foundation building. It helps a lot!  I look forward to do more training with you soon!  Thank you!

Jean L., From GA

Everything is so positive in your training, I loved it! I learn a lot more than expected, you taught us more than just learning Tai Chi form.  You are a great teacher, great environment.

Zac W., From MA

Excellent class!  Dr. Kuhn is wonderful!  Driving 10 hours is worth the trip, to spend time as her student.  Feel very honored to call her my teacher. Thank you so much, this is life changing experience for me.

Denise J., From MD

Excellent class! It was exactly what I wanted!  3 days is intense, but needed to get the basics and basic forms.  The warm up and stretching is helpful and really appreciated you explain the health benefits from doing Tai Chi.  I recommend to anyone to this training even a person has no experience can be benefited.

Liza Z., From IL

Of all years I have been searching in the Martial Arts, Dr. Kuhn answered many of the questions I had but could not get answered.  She is wise, generous with her knowledge; she is warm and welcoming; I learned with ease.  Thank you so much for giving/sharing.  I will be continuing to learn from you.

Mark C., From NH

I would love for the class to last longer.  Dr. Kuhn has amazing energy.  She has so much patience as a teacher.  She really cares about her students and gives them the skills and the tools they need to go out and teaching others this healing art form.

Sandra D., From GA

Dr. Kuhn, I truly appreciated your patience. You are a skilled teacher.  The way you broke down complex moves into simple steps really helped.  Your positive attitude was really motivating when I felt stuck.

Eileen F., From GA

You not only learn how to instruct this most ancient martial art, you also have the opportunity to hone your own talent while gaining experience in several styles and forms.  The training not only included the teaching of forms, but provided significant insight into the benefits of tai chi and qigong as well as that of Taoism, and learning to incorporate balance in one’s life in keeping with yin yang.  An instructor must have a good foundation in the principles and theories of tai chi including its physical and spiritual benefits.  Every session touched on these aspects.   The most fundamental form, the traditional 24 step Tai Chi was emphasized throughout the three year training, along with Dr. Kuhn’s Medicinal 16 step form.  With this we spent time learning pushy hands instructional techniques, tai chi sword form fundamentals, and other styles and forms such as Xing Yi Chuan and Ba Gua.  I have benefitted personally and have grown during this course, and I am also benefitting others through teaching.  Tai Chi is a wonderful (and to me necessary) part of external martial arts in which I am also involved – it truly rounds out my martial arts training, studies, and involvement.  Dr. Kuhn is a traditional Chinese physician and healer, and leverages the benefits of tai chi and qigong accordingly.  Having extensive experience and training as a physician, she understands how tai chi really works and applies it – and integrates that knowledge into her instructor training.  I feel quite fortunate to have such an experienced teacher/Tai Chi Master from whom to learn.  Even though I am not immediately local I will continue to hone my skills and engage in “tune-ups” through Dr. Kuhn.  I highly recommend her course to anyone wanting a deep understanding of Tai Chi along with the desire to share the knowledge and in the healing of others.

Shawn A, Navy Strategic Programs, Logistics and Information Systems, Draper Laboratory

One-Time Payment: $445. Lifetime Access.

What You Will Get

Instruction Manual 

This course covers fundamental Tai Chi and its health benefits; it provides an efficient way of learning and practicing, as well as valuable teaching strategies. Self-healing technique will also be discussed. Integrating eastern and western methods allows students to learn with joy and be able to recognize the importance of both kinds of exercise.  This course is valuable for both beginners and advanced students.

Video 1: Warm Up Exercises

This video contains 3 main warm-up exercises to help you and your students properly warm up for Tai Chi practice:

1. Gentle Warm-up includes motions of the neck, shoulders, arms, elbows, waist, knees and ankel.

2. Light Cardio introduces poses like Shake Hands, Arm Reach Opposite, Swing Arms, Horse Stance, and more.

3. Stretching focuses on stretch, push up, lunge, squat, knocking method of massage, and more.

This segment features relaxing music and beautiful beach scene.  It is one of Dr. Kuhn's most recent videos.

Running time: 13:35.

Video 2: Tai Chi Basics, Tai Chi Qi Gong

An ancient Chinese exercise for maintaining good health, spiritual growth, and disease prevention. It has been proven effective in healing the body and mind for centuries. The slow, beautiful movements and controlled breathing harmonize energy flow in the body. The martial application can also be used for self-defense in urgent situations. Tai Chi Basics helps people to learn Tai Chi more efficiently and easily, and provide the foundation for all forms of Tai Chi.

Running Time: Part 1: 13:53; Part 2: 35:04; Part 3: 6:10.

Video 3: Tai Chi 13 Movements

This program is includes 13 foundational poses such as Wu Ji position, Separate Hands (Ward off), Wave Hands, Brush push, Grasp Birds Tail, Low Stance, etc.

Running Time: 13:54

Video 4: Tai Chi Stance, Tai Chi Walk

Tai Chi Stance Practice Video demonstrates Horse Stance, Lunge Stance, Side Lunge, Empty Step Stance.  It also shows you how to do Tai Chi Walk.

These stances must be practiced frequently and mastered well in order to master Tai Chi.

Video 5: Tai Chi Yang Style, 24 Steps

An ancient Chinese exercise for maintaining good health, spiritual growth, and disease prevention. It has been proven effective in healing the body and mind for centuries. The slow, beautiful movements and controlled breathing harmonize energy flow in the body. The martial application can also be used for self-defense in urgent situations.

Running Time: 51:04.

Instant Download Dr. Kuhn's Book "True Brain Fitness"

This book includes extensive descriptions of the exercise for total body movement, as well as some simple and unique Qi Gong that can be used daily to boost brain power, improve mental health, balance emotions, enhance the immune system, have better circulation, and harmonize organs. The exercises are easy to understand, easy to do, and easy to fit into a fast-paced lifestyle.

Instant Download Dr. Kuhn's Book "Tai Chi For Depression"

Depression is a major health hazard affecting many people’s lives in the world.  Most research focuses on medication, but Dr. Aihan Kuhn emphasizes Holistic methods.  In this book, Dr. Kuhn not only explains the disease and the causes, but provides natural healing strategies for depression.

The Tai Chi form in this book is Dr. Kuhn’s healing form of Tai Chi that characterizes flowing energy. In addition, this form is easy to learn and easy to practice.  People who practice this form feel improved energy, more empowered, better able to focus, enhanced self-esteem, and positive moods.

Instant. Anytime. Anywhere.

Train with Qi Gong & Tai Chi Master and Award-Winning Author Dr. Aihan Kuhn. Get unlimited Access to this streaming video any time of the day, no matter where you are.

Dr. Kuhn's step-by-step demonstration is clear and easy to follow. You can play the video as many times as you like, master each move and learn at your own pace.

Why Learn From Dr. Kuhn. C.M.D., Master of Tai Chi and Qi Gong?

Lineage of Grand Masters

Dr. Aihan Kuhn traveled the world and learned from great Tai Chi and Qi Gong Grand Masters.  They include: Zhi Liang Duan, Tai Cai Zhu, Zhi Qiang Feng, and Zhen Lei Chen.

Well-known Chinese Medical Doctor and Tai Chi Master

Dr. Aihan Kuhn was a practicing physician in China before coming to America. A 1982 graduate of Hunan Medical University, she has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US since 1992. Dr. Kuhn founded Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston, Massachusetts to provide high quality alternative methods of healing to patients with various illnesses.

Dr. Kuhn uses energy medicine and nutrition medicine to treat many illnesses with great success.

Award-Winning Author

Dr Kuhn is the author of several books including: Natural Healing with Qi Gong, Simple Chinese Medicine, True Brain Fitness, all sold in bookstores nation-wide and worldwide.  Simple Chinese Medicine is the finalist of 2010 USA Best Book Award, and Bronze Winner of 2010 IP's Living Now Award.  Her other books include Tai Chi for Depression, Wheel Chair Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Student Hand Book.

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Tai Chi Instructor Training Course Will Teach Everything You Need To Know About Teaching Tai Chi.


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One-Time Payment $445. Lifetime Access.

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