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Well, last night was my first Qi Gong class. I’m writing to tell you that I felt better afterward than I ever have in my life! I can’t believe how easy Qi Gong is to do, even with my severe orthopedic problems! After doing Qi Gong for the first time, my body felt opened up, full of energy and pain-free! I still feel that way this morning. I didn’t expect to get such immediate, dramatic results from Qi Gong, but I’m extremely grateful.

- Mary Ellen

I will say that Qi Gong opened a doorway for me for greater health, well being, and spiritual growth. It cleaned out blockages to enable me to become more fully me. I have designed my own personal intentions or prayers while doing the Qi Gong routine which makes it very personally meaningful.

- Susan Cetlin, PhD, Licensed Psychologist

A few weeks after beginning 16 Step Tai Chi practice I found myself saying one day, "My joy has returned."

- Elaine B.

"When I first started to learn tai chi I found that my body was improving physically; I was becoming more flexible and more balanced. After continued practice and learning the various skills and techniques, I found that the same improvements in flexibility and balance were happening to me mentally.

I have been practicing tai chi for four years now, and plan on continuing my practice for the next 100 years.

- Jim A.

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