What Are Meridians in Traditional Chinese Medicine


Meridians, or channels, are energy pathways that carry Qi, Blood, Jing and body fluids around the body. In ancient Chinese history, the discovery of meridians was related to the external injury. The injury in the external body caused internal healing. This phenomenon was the beginning of the meridian system.

Western scientists have found that meridians are hard to identify because they do not directly correspond to nerve or blood circulation pathways.

As a western medical trained physician, I did not believe in Chinese medicine in the beginning of my career even though I studied it. However, after a few years, I saw many patients feel better after TCM care, which gave me a high level of confidence in its healing effectiveness.

A simple explanation of the existence of meridians can be had by asking the following question: why do we feel so good after yawning when we wake up in the morning?

When we are yawning, we are stretching the whole body; we are actually stretching all meridians, that open the pathways and make energy flow better. Once energy is flowing better, our blood circulation is better too (energy drives blood). This in turn allows our brains to receive more oxygen, so our body feels relaxed and comfortable after yawing.

More examples of how meridians work in our body and natural healing can be found in my books


Many patients visit their doctors for unexplained symptoms. They feel disappointed if the doctor cannot find anything wrong and cannot help them. These unexplained ailments are most likely caused by disorders of the autonomic nervous system. When I correct the imbalance of an autonomic disorder, the symptoms diminish and the patient feels better. When my patient calls me “miracle worker,” I just explain what I did. The autonomic nervous system is closely related to the meridian system in Chinese medicine. I love working with the nerve systems, especially the autonomic nerve system (ANS), because my patient can feel the difference right away.

Meridian Qigong for Self-Healing is an excellent form of Qigong created in China for internal healing. Combines correct breathing, body movements and mental concentration for an experience of deep relaxation, harmony, and balanced energy flow. You begin a journey of healing for various problems including: headaches, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, depression and much more. It is a wonderful way to reduce the stress we all feel in modern society.