Meridian Qi Gong For Self-Healing

An excellent form of Qi Gong created in China for internal healing. Combines correct breathing, body movements and mental concentration for an experience of deep relaxation, harmony, and balanced energy flow. You begin a journey of healing for various problems including: headaches, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, depression and much more. It is a wonderful way to reduce the stress we all feel in modern society.

Running Time: 50:29

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Dr. Kuhn's step-by-step demonstration is clear and easy to follow. You can play the video as many times as you like, master each move and learn at your own pace.

Discover How You Can Begin Your Journal of Healing for Problems Including...


  • Headache
  • Hypertension
  • Heart disease
  • Anxiety
  • Insomnia
  • Depression
  • Lack of mental focus
  • Low energy

From My Patients ...

For the first time in a long time I really believe that I am going to get well.  I just want to thank you for all that you have done for me.  You’re one of the angels in my life. - Kathy, P. from MA
I loved working with the meridians and points, and sensing them while we move. It deepened my practice and will so much more in the future. Thank you Dr. K! - A Patient
You can know which meridian is worked in particular Qi Gong exercises. Good learning tool for me. I can know what exercises target what parts of body. - A Patient

Dr. Aihan Kuhn C.M.D. DIPL. OBT

Well-known Chinese Medical Doctor and Tai Chi Master

Dr. Aihan Kuhn was a practicing physician in China before coming to America. A 1982 graduate of Hunan Medical University, she has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US since 1992. Dr. Kuhn founded Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston, Massachusetts to provide high quality alternative methods of healing to patients with various illnesses.

Dr. Kuhn uses energy medicine and nutrition medicine to treat many illnesses with great success.

Award-Winning Author

Dr Kuhn is the author of several books including: Natural Healing with Qi Gong, Simple Chinese Medicine, True Brain Fitness, all sold in bookstores nation-wide and worldwide.  Simple Chinese Medicine is the finalist of 2010 USA Best Book Award, and Bronze Winner of 2010 IP's Living Now Award.  Her other books include Tai Chi for Depression, Wheel Chair Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Student Hand Book.

A Magic Touch

One especially strong healing modality that Dr. Kuhn uses is a special sequence of body movements which she designs for different ailments. Patients describe the effects of her care as “miraculous”. They say she has “a magic touch.”

With this online program, all you need to do is to relax, and practice Tai Chi with Dr. Kuhn.

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