Why I wrote My Book True Brain Fitness

Over the last two decades, I have treated a wide range of diseases along with their underlying conditions in order to assist my patients heal. As a healer, I have realized in order to help others in a responsible and productive manner, I need to enhance my brain health.

When I was looking for advice on the subject, I found little practical and substantive information on how to deal with brain aging. For the most part brain aging and the associated consequences were considered to be irreversible.

Recommended ways of dealing with brain aging were often based on limited and unrealistic strategies. During this discovery process it became evident to me that more comprehensive and natural solutions were needed to address brain aging.

As I conducted my research, over several years, I observed and documented that many people’s mental and brain abilities were measurably declining, including individuals who are close to me, and under my care. This was evident in their waning memory, inability to track dates and times, and having problem with words, names, places, etc.

Through my experiences in working with, treating, teaching and observing patients, I developed my own theories and solutions I call “Body-Brain-Mind-Healing.” Based on this work I was inspired to write “True Brain Fitness” in order to help people lead a life of personal and professional fulfillment.

In this book I detail sequences of specific body exercises and movements that aggressively stimulate the brain by activating critical brain chemicals and bio-electric impulses. As a result, you are bringing vital information to the brain, and helping brain cells form new relationships with each other. These body movement techniques also balance the left side and right side of the brain.

As this balance is achieved, the mind is much more capable of producing thoughtful directions along with constructive behaviors and activities. With this brain foundation established, all kinds of health improvements are possible.

The body is continually experiencing a multitude of chain reactions. To initiate a chain reaction, the mind is a critical player. We need something to catalyze the mind, to prompt the mind to work better. Often the mind can be stuck somewhere in the past, or unable to find reason for things that have happened. This is not because our mind is bad or weak, nor are we stupid. It is because the chemicals in our brain are not balanced, so the mind is unbalanced.

Fortunately, no matter how jammed our mind may be, our body can still move and can stimulate the brain in important ways. You can see somebody walking, moving, doing things, but you cannot see their underlying health problems. If they are able to walk and do things, such as housework or driving, they can certainly move their body with various exercises. If they can move their body in an energetic way regularly, they can change their brain chemistry and mind processes.

I have been quite successful in being able to incorporate Tai Chi, Qi Gong and other body movements into my patient care. This integration and combination of treatments, along with constant guidance, have brought my healthcare practice to a much higher level. That’s why I am excited to publish “True Brain Fitness”.