Dr. Kuhn's Healing Chronic Illness Program

This package is especially beneficial for chronic ailments for which Western medicine does not always cure, such as long-lasting muscle problems, arthritis and pain. This program promote Qi and blood circulations and helps balance internal organ energy.

One-Time Payment $75.

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You Will Get Lifetime Online Access to The Following:

Therapeutic Qi Gong (Video)
Meridian Qi Gong (Video)
Circle Energy Tai Chi Qi Gong (Video)

How to Use this Program:

Start to practice the form “Therapeutic Qi Gong” daily; once you feel comfortable of this form, start practice “Meridian Qi Gong”, after two months, start to practice “Circle Energy Tai Chi Qi Gong”.

Dr. Kuhn Recommends reading the following book first.
Simple Chinese Medicine: A Beginner's Guide to Natural Healing & Well-Being, which can be purchased from Amazon.com separately, and is not included in the package price here.

One-Time Payment $75.

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(1) Therapeutic Qi Gong

This is a combined form of Qi Gong and physical exercise also known as "Chinese Yoga". It is often used for relief and prevention of illness. Through whole body stretching, correct breathing, and self massage, you will feel the energy moving through your body. Chinese doctors often prescribe this as a self-healing method.

Running Time:
Part 1 Demonstration: 23:43
Part 2 Step by step: 48:11

(2) Meridian Qigong for Self-Healing

An excellent form of Qi Gong created in China for internal healing. Combines correct breathing, body movements and mental concentration for an experience of deep relaxation, harmony, and balanced energy flow. You begin a journey of healing for various problems including: headaches, hypertension, heart disease, anxiety, insomnia, depression and much more. It is a wonderful way to reduce the stress we all feel in modern society.

Running Time: 50:29

(3) Circle Energy Tai Chi Qi Gong

Circle Energy Tai Chi Qi Gong is based on Hun Yuan Qi Gong originated by Grand Master Feng Zhi Qiang, a famous Chen style Tai Chi grand master in mainland China, Dr. Aihan Kuhn’s mentor.

Circle Energy Tai Chi Qi Gong is easy to learn and easy to practice. It can be performed in either of two ways: fast and energetic, or slow and relaxing. It is an excellent way to begin the Tai Chi practice, as well as build strong Tai Chi skill.

This type Qi Gong has helped thousands of people who were suffering with various illnesses. It boosts the immune system, improves energy circulation, prevents disease, and increases your healing ability. Best of all, it makes you feel good.

Running Time: 48min

Instant. Anytime. Anywhere.

Dr. Kuhn's Cancer Healing Program is designed by the Award-Winning Author Dr. Aihan Kuhn.

By purchasing this package,  you will get unlimited, instant access to online streaming videos any time of the day, no matter where you are.

You will also be able to download the videos to your personal computer.

Dr. Kuhn's step-by-step demonstration is clear and easy to follow. You can play the video as many times as you like, master each move and learn at your own pace.

I have been a patient of Dr. Aihan Kuhn for seven months. I have a chronic back condition, which has resulted in daily pain since surgery 25 years ago. I have been to numerous Chiropractors, Orthopedic and Neauroligical surgeons with no relief or answers…After the first visit with Dr. Kuhn my body changed completely. I could walk and sit without pain, and I felt the depression and stress leave my body for the first time in years. She was able to do this with the auricular method. This is accomplished by placing an herb in the ear. This method is non-evasive and very effective.

Dr. Kuhn is a dedicated, caring, moral human being. She takes a personal interest in her patients, and it is a new experience for me. I have never met anyone quite like her. She has changed my life.

There are many acupuncturists in this country, and they are all to be respected, however, I feel Dr. Kuhn’s treatments are so effective because of her training in China and many years of practicing in China.

Dr. Kuhn is a person of high character and fine principles. She has sacrificed and dedicated her life in the healing of each patient she sees. She is indeed a superior physician.

--- Joan Vater, a patient


Thank you so much! My dizziness has nearly gone nearly all the time and  the tingling/electrical surges all down my body are nearly gone all the time. After 6 years and all different types of doctors and therapies, it’s like a miracle! I have started doing the Qi Gong exercises from your DVD and I have great hopes that the ringing in my ears will go away along with the other symptoms.

--- Janet McGiffin


Since my introduction to Therapeutic Qi Gong in 1998 I have become convinced that it is an outstanding form of exercise for improving and maintaining general health and well being.  The benefits of its practice experienced personally included immune system function, greater flexibility and range of motion, breathing capacity, and balance.  With regular and diligent practice I have found this form can help to increase the quality of sleep and elevate the spirit.  I have also used it both before and after hard physical exertion to help prevent damage to muscle and joints.  As an instructor I see on a regular basis the progress in these area made by students who learn and do this form.

--- Mathew Lang


Dr. Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D. DIPL. OBT

Well-known Chinese Medical Doctor and Tai Chi Master

Dr. Aihan Kuhn was a practicing physician in China before coming to America. A 1982 graduate of Hunan Medical University, she has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US since 1992. Dr. Kuhn founded Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston, Massachusetts to provide high quality alternative methods of healing to patients with various illnesses.

Dr. Kuhn uses energy medicine and nutrition medicine to treat many illnesses with great success.

Award-Winning Author

Dr Kuhn is the author of several books including: Natural Healing with Qi Gong, Simple Chinese Medicine, True Brain Fitness, all sold in bookstores nation-wide and worldwide.  Simple Chinese Medicine is the finalist of 2010 USA Best Book Award, and Bronze Winner of 2010 IP's Living Now Award.  Her other books include Tai Chi for Depression, Wheel Chair Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Student Hand Book.

A Magic Touch

One especially strong healing modality that Dr. Kuhn uses is a special sequence of body movements which she designs for different ailments. Patients describe the effects of her care as “miraculous”. They say she has “a magic touch.”

One-Time Payment $75.

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