Mastering Tai Chi II: For Advanced Users

This unique program is recommended by Dr. Kuhn for intermediate and advanced users who would like to receive a more in-depth training in Tai Chi.  It is also useful for those experienced practitioners who do not need the step by step instruction, or repeated demonstrations that are included in the single form Tai Chi programs.

In this unique package you will get:

(1)  Tai Chi 42 Steps
(2)  Tai Chi 24 Steps (Chen Style)
(3)  Tai Chi Multi Form Collection
(4)  Eight Brocade Qi Gong

With these four great step-by-step Tai Chi instruction programs in one place, you can easily practice them all, or pick whichever you need at the moment.  No more switching back and forth.

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(1) Tai Chi 42 Steps

This combined form of Tai Chi Chuan includes Yang, Chen, Sun, and Wu style is unique in its non-repetitive movements. It is graceful, powerful, and expresses a more martial application. Practicing Tai Chi can improve energy, circulation, flexibility, immune function and intellect.

It helps to build strength, discipline, and focus. It also helps to relieve stress. Diligent practice of this form will help students to reach a higher level. Understanding the health benefits, and the martial application of Tai Chi gives one an added sense of security and well being.

Running Time:
Part 1: 17:31
Part 2: 13:44
Part 3: 5:52

(2) Tai Chi 24 Steps (Chen Style)

Tai Chi is an ancient Chinese exercise focusing on internal energy for building strong Qi (vital energy) in the body. It is popular today throughout the world for its tremendous health benefits. Chen Style Tai Chi is the oldest form, originating in Chen Village 400 years ago. Grandmaster Feng Zhi Qiang, a famous Chen style Tai Chi master in mainland China, and seventeenth generation in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage is Dr. Aihan Kuhn’s mentor. He studied this form from Chen Fa Ke, a well known Grandmaster in Chen Style Tai Chi Chuan lineage. The major characteristic of Chen Style Tai Chi is that the movements are in a circular motion during the entire Tai Chi workout, called Silk Reeling. This gives you not only a good physical workout, but also a feeling of optimal energy flow in the body. This form is greatest for self defense. It is a somewhat advanced workout but very enjoyable once you start this learning journey. It improves your energy level, endurance, balance, focus, joint flexibility, immune function, all organ functions and coordination. Best of all, it makes you feel good.

Running Time:
Part 1: 45:03
Part 2: 8:31
Part 3: 22:18

(3) Tai Chi Multi-Form Collection

This is a special compilation of seven Tai Chi forms:

Tai Chi Sword
Tai Chi Fan Single
Tai Chi Fan Double
Tai Chi Staff
Yang Style
Chen Style
42 Steps Combined Style

It is especially useful for experienced students who do not need the step by step instruction, or repeated demonstrations that are included in the single form videos. Seven forms are presented in their entirety in a natural setting, with their musical background. A straight forward menu listing allows the viewer to select the individual forms they would like to watch, one at a time.

Running Time:
Part 1 Tai Chi Sword: 5:09
Part 2 Tai Chi Fan Single: 6:31
Part 3 Tai Chi Fan Double: 4:51
Part 4 Tai Chi Staff: 3:46
Part 5 Yang Style: 5:24
Part 6 Chen Style: 8:30
Part 7 42 Steps Combined Style: 7:34

(4) Eight Brocade Qi Gong

Eight Brocade Qi Gong was originally discovered in China 4000 years ago. By incorporating whole body movements and stretching, along with correct breathing, you can feel the energy or “Qi” moving through your body. Each movement nourishes different organs and balances the organ energy, which is key to healing and longevity.

Running Time:
Introduction 2:54
Demonstration: 18:28
Step-by-step: 22:48

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Dr. Kuhn's step-by-step demonstration is clear and easy to follow. You can play the video as many times as you like, master each move and learn at your own pace.

Get Healthy Today. One-Time Payment $97.

I have been meaning to write to you for some time.  I want to let you know with my sincerest thanks how grateful I am to you for the care you have given me.  It is difficult to explain how your treatment has changed my life.—I think the best way to say it is to say that you gave me my life back. - Jessica M.
Hello Dr. Kuhn,
Thank you so much! My dizziness has nearly gone nearly all the time and the tingling/electrical surges all down my body are nearly gone all the time. After 6 years and all different types of doctors and therapies, it’s like a miracle! I have started doing the Qi Gong exercises from your video and I have great hopes that the ringing in my ears will go away along with the other symptoms. - Janet McGiffin

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D. DIPL. OBT

Well-known Chinese Medical Doctor and Tai Chi Master

Dr. Aihan Kuhn was a practicing physician in China before coming to America. A 1982 graduate of Hunan Medical University, she has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US since 1992. Dr. Kuhn founded Chinese Medicine for Health in Holliston, Massachusetts to provide high quality alternative methods of healing to patients with various illnesses.

Dr. Kuhn uses energy medicine and nutrition medicine to treat many illnesses with great success.

Award-Winning Author

Dr Kuhn is the author of several books including: Natural Healing with Qi Gong, Simple Chinese Medicine, True Brain Fitness, all sold in bookstores nation-wide and worldwide.  Simple Chinese Medicine is the finalist of 2010 USA Best Book Award, and Bronze Winner of 2010 IP's Living Now Award.  Her other books include Tai Chi for Depression, Wheel Chair Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Student Hand Book.

A Magic Touch

One especially strong healing modality that Dr. Kuhn uses is a special sequence of body movements which she designs for different ailments. Patients describe the effects of her care as “miraculous”. They say she has “a magic touch.”

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