Depression No More (2): Diagnosis

We have all felt ‘depressed’ at one time or another due to the many different things that happen in our lives. Sometimes it can be due to poor communication with our family or our friends, or a difficult teenage child, seasonal changes, hormonal changes, difficulty at work, business is not  going well at the time,…

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Depression No More (3): Food Causes


There are three main points of view about the causes of Depression. Most commonly held is the view that it is generally some combination of these three. 1. Depression is a medical disease, caused by a neuro-chemical or hormonal imbalance. 2. Depression is caused by certain styles of thinking. 3. Depression is a result of unfortunate…

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Cancer Healing (2): Promising Data on Cancer Treatment with Qigong

brain aging and memory loss

In my previous blog article (Cancer Healing and Prevention), I discussed several key benefits of Qigong for cancer patients.  Qigong has in fact been used as a cancer treatment. In his 1990 presentation at the 1st International Congress of Qigong at the University of Berkeley titled Prevention and Recovery from Cancer Through the Practice of Guo…

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Depression No More (1): Jane’s Story

Depression is a major health hazard affecting many people’s lives in the world. In the United States, one in every five people, or about 54 million Americans, experience some type of mental disorder each year. Some can control depression with medication and others may continue to have a poor quality of life, even with medication.…

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