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Cancer healing is possible.  With more than 30 years of experience, I have helped countless cancer patients in their healing  journey.

My healing method is based on the core belief that you need to achieve an internal harmony of flow of energy inside your body in order to heal and prevent diseases.

Traditional Chinese Medicine view cancer differently from western medicine in terms of its causes hence the prevention and treatment methods.  Qigong and Tai Chi has shown great results in cancer healing, regardless the stage and type of cancer.  They have been used to treat cancer and prevent cancer relapses. Qigong is most powerful in removing the stagnation of Qi in the body and strengthens the immune functions.

How to Use This Program

  1. Walk 20 minutes. First; walk at a moderate speed for 5 minutes, then fast for another 10 minutes, finally slowing it for the last 5 minutes. This kind of walking is intended to get your blood circulation moving.

  2. Do Cancer-Healing Qigong (Open Channel Qigong) for 10 to 15 minutes. (See the appropriate section in this chapter for further details.) This workout allows you to relax your whole body, strengthen your muscles,  release tension, open the channels, and minimize aches and pain in your body. Stretching  can  be  individualized  according  to your  specific  tightness  or problems .

  3. Go through Eight Brocade Qigong (Ba Duan Jing). This particular Qigong enhances your immune system and increases your energy level. Alternate this  exercise with the 16-step Tai chi form. An instructional DVD on this form of Tai Chi is available from the New England School of Tai Chi and Qigong.

  4. Practice the 16-Step Tai Chi form (a medical form of Tai chi for healing) two times continuously (this will take about 12 minutes total). This form of Tai chi balances the internal organs and brings back the harmony between  mind and body, which in turn improves the immune system and promotes  healing. Al­ ternate this exercise with the Eight Brocade Qigong (Ba Duan Jing).

  5. Drink a glass of warm water after the exercise, which helps to cleanse the body.

This sequence of Qi Gong exercises not only helps to open the meridian system, but also helps to enhance the immune system, which is the key to fighting cancer, and promotes healing.

The entire group of cancer healing exercises only takes less than an hour. If you spend time every day for three months, you will likely see a big difference in all aspects of your health. Even doing these exercises just three or four times a week would be still very helpful in improving the immune function, which helps to fight cancer. It is worthwhile to explore these exercises. Once you feel better, you will be encouraged and want to exercise regularly. Nevertheless, even after you start to feel better, it does not mean you can stop; you need to continue these exercises to prevent a relapse and maintain optimum health. Once you establish a routine, you might not want to stop; because you feel good, you might develop a positive ”addiction” to regular exercise.

With daily practice of Qigong, eating the right food, keeping the right attitude, and appropriate care from both the conventional and the holistic medicine, caner healing does happen.

This special cancer healing and prevention program is designed to help you gain a holistic perspective on life and healing, activate your immune system, balance your organs and energy, open meridian pathways, and speed the healing process.

"If you want to be healthy and live to 100 years... Do Qi Gong." - Dr. Oz

See Dr. Oz explain the benefits of Qi Gong


Why Learn from Dr. Kuhn?

Well-known Chinese Medical Doctor and Tai Chi Master

Dr. Aihan Kuhn, C.M.D. DIPL. OBT, was a practicing physician in China before coming to America.  She has now been practicing Chinese Medicine in the US for over 23 years.

In China, Dr. Kuhn studied under the late Tai Chi Grand Master Feng Zhi Qiang, who was also the mentor of martial artist and action movie actor Jet Li.

Award-Winning Author

Dr Kuhn is the author of several books including: Natural Healing with Qi Gong, Simple Chinese Medicine, True Brain Fitness, all sold in bookstores nation-wide and worldwide.  Simple Chinese Medicine is the finalist of 2010 USA Best Book Award, and Bronze Winner of 2010 IP's Living Now Award.  Her other books include Tai Chi for Depression, Wheel Chair Tai Chi Qi Gong and Tai Chi Student Hand Book.

A Magic Touch

Dr. Kuhn uses energy medicine and nutrition medicine to treat many illnesses with great success.  One especially strong healing modality that Dr. Kuhn uses is a special sequence of body movements which she designs for different ailments. Patients describe the effects of her care as “miraculous”. They say she has “a magic touch.”


" My Dear Doctor Friend Aihan, You probably don't know, and I'm not sure I can tell you, how much you have helped me this past year. You have helped me grow healthier in every way--socially, emotionally, and physically. Only a wise, courageous, and skillful person, that you are, could set me on that path."


" Dr. Kuhn’s understanding of Eastern and Western medicine contribute to a complete view of human health and well being.  Her ability to explain how environmental conditions like diet, exercise, and stress affect the body’s biology is easy to understand and enjoyable to read.

There are many stories taken from her direct experience which serve to further illustrate and clarify some of the Eastern concepts that are less understood in the West.  The in-depth focus on herbal medicine, acupuncture, and even less well known Traditional Chinese Medicine techniques was fascinating, and it is clear that Dr. Kuhn is an expert in this field."

- Lou T.

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Dr. Kuhn's Cancer Healing Program Includes

Instant Access of the Following Online Streaming Videos:

1- Eight Brocade Qigong

2- Cancer-Healing Qigong

3- Tai Chi 16 Steps



(1) Eight Brocade Qi Gong

Eight Brocade Qi Gong was originally discovered in China 4000 years ago. By incorporating whole body movements and stretching, along with correct breathing, you can feel the energy or “Qi” moving through your body. Each movement nourishes different organs and balances the organ energy, which is key to healing and longevity.

Running Time:
1. Intro 2:54
2. Demonstration: 18:28
3. Step-by-step instructions: 22:48


(2) Qigong for Cancer Healing

The cancer healing Qigong exercise will help you activate your immune system, balance your organs and energy, open meridian pathways, and speed the healing process.  You should practice daily, even just 20 minutes a day will benefit you. For a cancer-healing diet, please refer to Dr.Aihan Kuhn’s book “Simple Chinese Medicine”.

Running Time:
1: Warm-Up Exercise: 6:43
2: Open Channel Qigong: 11:35
3: Qigong for Cancer Healing: 15:54


(3) Tai Chi 16 Steps

This unique form of Tai Chi is designed for healing and disease prevention. It combines Chen style Tai Chi, Yang style Tai Chi, Qi Gong, martial art and meditation to make up a high quality practice. Practicing this form helps people find relief from various types of depression, anxiety, panic, menopause symptoms, and also to prevent the onset of depression.

1. Demonstration: 11:52

2. Step-by-Step: 42:25

3. Group Demonstration: 10:13

It is an excellent Tai Chi form for relief from stress, harmonizing body energy, improving immune function, improving daily energy level, and mental clarity. Immediate results are felt more often than with other forms and styles of Tai Chi.


More From My Students...

"I studied Tai Chi 16 Step with Dr. Aihan Kuhn from September, 2005 through May, 2006.  The results of this practice have amazed me!  I offer the following two examples of what Tai Chi practice has accomplished in my life:

1- After the very first  Tai Chi class I felt a re-connection between the two sides of my head.  There had been a very, very slight feeling of disconnection for the 26 years prior – this manifestation had occurred as a reaction to an ear infection and was made worse by an extremely stressful life event.  No doctor except a chiropractor had ever been able to improve this situation, and the correction was only temporary even with chiropractic.  After only one Tai Chi class, the problem disappeared.

2- A few weeks after beginning 16 Step Tai Chi practice I found myself saying one day, “My joy has returned.”  Though I had spent the previous nine years giving attention and care to three elderly relatives then experiencing their deaths; living underconditions that were less than comfortable; and working at a demanding job, my natural joy returned.  Nothing in my life except Tai Chi practice was different.  My life situation was the same as it had been for many years – only Tai Chi practice had been added, and that made all the difference.

I realized that for as long as I could remember – and that is many years, as I am now a grandmother – I had to work at bringing up and keeping a joyful attitude; now, it is no effort at all – it happens on its own."

- Elaine


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